Reviews for "Inquisitive Dave"

Simply great

Great concept, loved it. The irony behind this game was very very good, especially because finally you managed to create a different kind of humor than the "portal" kind.

Yay Xenogears

More than just the music was reminiscent of Xenogears. Well done, excellent, please keep up the great work!

One tiny gripe though; the dialogue towards the end was pretty annoying because of the way it interrupted the flow of movement. Maybe in future you could use a dialogue system that doesn't pause the whole game?

i got to tell you...

great game i loved how not only once but twice you had to defeat that wizard... that final battle when the breaker didnt kill him omg i had no idea then im like well he's got to run out of blasts eventually lol and i stood there and he died lol


I absolutely hate this sort of game. But for some reason I liked this one, and played it all the way throught to the end, it was goood.


I had a really fun time playing this game. The graphics were great and I loved the music. The psychological twist at the end was a nice touch.

My favourite part was the alligator. ;-)