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Reviews for ":moz:"

It's like Pacman... on A Crack Attack....

wow. good job, though... i feel like ive played this before...

AsianSpark responds:



Quite entertaining for a while, really good music. But starts to bore really quick. For me atleast. Maybe someone else likes it more. :)

AsianSpark responds:

I was trying to put powerups.
If i wanna update it, i'll make it better.

Good effort

good effort in making the game, but gameplay is quite boring, and has very little replay value
also very monotonous... try adding more conditions and maybe play in levels to make gameplay more interesting...

AsianSpark responds:

I was lazy.

Never one to blam something that works but...

I had a weird feeling that I was "experimenting" with pac man's food

AsianSpark responds:



Pretty good graphics, but it gets goring quickly. Maybe you should add more complexity(more different colors, inertia, more power-ups). I didn't really like the music, but it's not very interrupting either

AsianSpark responds: