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Reviews for ":moz:"

pretty good needs more obsticles though

good job

AsianSpark responds:


It was alright.

The soundtrack gave me a head ache, but the visuals are really fantastic looking. The game play felt too jerky for me to enjoy it, but still.. great looking game! I suggest making a (no sound) option in the game and maybe putting the instructions in the flash. I started playing before I even read your "Authors Comments"... great job!

AsianSpark responds:

Umm... okay.

Wicked Fresh

Such a visual stimulate, smooth and bouncy

AsianSpark responds:



Hey it really looks awesome!
The movements are quite smooth and the music is not noisy or something.

But there is some kind of bug... The space i had for moving around is supposed to change if the mouse is at a edge. but that somehow just worked for going down. When going up it has gone a bit upwards, but not enough. It went more downwards than upwards.

But all in all very nice made

AsianSpark responds:

Okay oO

It's like Pacman... on A Crack Attack....

wow. good job, though... i feel like ive played this before...

AsianSpark responds: