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Reviews for "This Game is a Joke"


Its cool and all, but are missing something. Like mute button, and hide the menu.
Havnt playd all yet. so will get back to it but great.-

TheMillz responds:

Havn't beat it yet? Well won't you look silly when you encounter the boss : A huge mute button lol...


Oh my God. I loved this. It cracked me up.
Really, when just about everything on the front page is complete garbage.
"So Jesus Christ walks into a bar..."
Loved it. This game makes you want to do drugs.
And I like how XanXanthus down there is mad about everything that is stated to be a joke.
And for al the 12 year old who masturbated to this... C'mon... Really.. C'mon.

TheMillz responds:

Well, I'm not 12, but.....

that was fucken awesome!!!

hey great game can u make another one??? oh and two questions. please pm the answers to me. one: who was the model in the game. two: what was the name of the song and artist cuz ill prolly forget who sings it. thanx for this great game!!!


OMG why'd you make suck a hard game...it took me like 2 hours to complete it!!! o_O ...maybe it was just the boobs that held me up, BUT HECK IT WAS HARD TO FINISH!! (yes, you may interpret that any way you want to) too bad there was no vaginas o.0 why weren't there any vaginas!!!!??
oh yeah...great game btw, defnitely make a sequel, but make it something completely different and easier to finish (if you get what i mean) XD

so jesus walks into a hotel...

that jesus joke was freaking hilarious