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Reviews for "This Game is a Joke"

that was. just. AMAZING. only level with ANY difficulty was the jesus joke, but my reflexes are shit right now lol 5 out of five

also, link to a gallery or something with just the chick pics?

WTF IS THE SHIT! Making fun of Jesus? TITS? A giant penis and drowning a guy in a pool of semen?

You are a sick sick person and I have to ridicule you while showing off my own insecurities now because it is socially unacceptable to agree with the "message" your game might be sending to tiny children who will probably never see this game... unless they have bad parents who let the internet act as a babysitter. oh, and somehow that's your fault too.

Holy balls this has got to be the best game ever.I thoroughly enjoyed the jesus joke and tits as well.

I liked the tits
but not the Jesus joke

really fun game even though it was a joke really sexy girl too can someone tell me the name of the girl cos shes so hot