Reviews for "This Game is a Joke"


best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lots of nude chicks


I remember playing this game a few years ago, and I loved it. This is truly one of the most awesome games to ever grace NG.

teh drugs

at the end of each game, there are some drugs in the outer part. out of reach. WTF

best game ever

Fuckin best game there is utterly pointless but u still get 2 see chicks naked and u get 2 fuck shit up

lil' bit cool

ya! sorry for the 8 star. AND YES IT"S BECAUSE OF THE LEVEL WITH THE YA' KNOW!!!
aaaanyways, the game is cool. the only drawback, besides that one level, is the lack of game-play that could be enhanced(like you did in the other "this game is a joke" series. you complexed the game, but the other this game is a joke(2 & 3) has
very, very little hottness compared to this one so good job!