Reviews for "On The Moon (episode 14)"


I lol'd when the rabbit came by


i saw the rabbit from walk in the woods in the background

LOL you said bottom. xD

I love youu retarded shrimp. xD

Still Laughing! ..&Your Prawn, my new best Friend?

Okay, I may be exposing my(silly)self by saying that your lovely perverted Prawn (my new best friend) appears to be my mirror-image when I'm amongst friends- the friends who appreciate this type of humor... Love my new best friend! And I have you to thank. Ready for more of your genious God-given talent.
I'm a self-taught freelance multi-faceted artist who has been drawing(+) and making series cartoons since about age 4. Works like these are pushing me to return to some of the things in the Art World that I do best. I am now setting a new sweet goal for myself, with many thanks to all the talented people out there -to learn how to create games & movies. Writing, too, is a great passion of mine, which will fit in nicely. I DO want to thank the people who believe in me and are now pushing me to return to the world of Creating -returning from years of serious, complicated health problems. So once again, when I find great talent such as yourself/yourselves, I MUST give you the praise you deserve, and thank you for giving me such enjoyment in a world that has, for too long, been too dark. But Not Any More!

Love the series!

Honestly right after the first episode i liked it. Nice goofy animation random comedy, in other words: My perfect series. Love the characters and voices too!
By the way, and i hate to say this but The-Great-One writes a VERY simillar review in every movie just to get an easy HELPFULL review. They are mostly from May 7 2009 and they all have the last 2 paragraphs exactly the same...