Reviews for "On The Moon (episode 14)"


I just love those little flicks. Short, funny and entertaining. :)

That was good

that was pretty good twards the end

What had me crackin... (i love duck willys)

flaming toast

pretty amusing
but dang...he almost was rid of the prawn


watchout you never know what crudely designed characters doing random shit on the moon might do next! put a little more effort into character design. giving a crawfish googly eyes doesn't make him funny, unless the point you're trying to make is how unfunny shrimp can be.

very funny

I really like this series it is really random, this series kind of reminds me of the show Aqua Teen Hunger Force. I also like how in each episode something new goes past them is space. The graphics for this series is really well done to. can't wait for the next one.