Reviews for "Pandemic II"

Kickasstical game

I have just one request: to be able to make a zombification virus

What is wrong with this?

This would have gotten 10 but my score was the highest of the day and your game wouldn't submit it!fix this NOW!

Probably best on,,,



my only idea is if you had a visual to show were your didease had spread, like everything you infect turns yellow, and once you touch the airport you can infect people through it. And for people with short attention spans, maybe have a faster mode than the current fastest. maybe being able to skip ahead in time a little bit. I normalyy just play solitaire while I wait for it to infect more people. Also, I felllike after you kill a bunch of people, it becomes impossible to get more evolution points. The are just small little things, but really a great game

You outdid yourself this time, dude!

This is one of the greatest games ever made. First of all, you can load it once and then play without internet all you want afterwards (at least, with the Maxgames version you can). Second, it's just a great game. It takes FOREVER to learn how to play, but once you learn you'll be wiping out humanity and ranting about Madagascar in no time. Really, it's worth the time spent learning how to play. Lets see... maybe in Pandemic 3, add some animations of the different countries and people dying at certain landmarks like 100,000 or 1,000,000, and totally at the end when everyone's dead. Sounds really morbid, and I know this game is special because it is at once horribly violent and not violent at all, but I think it would be really cool. You don't even have to make it too detailed, just SOMETHING. Anyway, great game. We're waiting for Pandemic 3!!