Reviews for "Pandemic II"

great game

this is a brilliant game but it can be hard to get to madagascar cause theres only 1 airport.

You are the best

What brillian music to go into the game. This is the best strategy game in the world! You are the best!

it's really fun!

once my boyfriend beat the game with a virus called pacman! and he started out in japan, japan was the first one to go, and japan shut everything down and got hit with everything first! i called that "the curse of a terribly made videogame"!


Similar to the first, but improves upon it in every way. Well done!

Teh best!

Great game.

Found this fan made conic on a random website while looking for ways to kill off Madagascar
http://i286.photobucket.com/albums/ll 100/CaptainFailcon/SHUTDOWNEVERYTHING .jpg
I got Madagascar but when when i did Peru and Argentina had closed there borders >.>... perfect.