Reviews for "2D Physics Tutorial"

Nice [:

Extremely informative, and easily over the heads over 80% of the people that will eventually view this submission. My only fear is that numerous "Copy and Paste" coders will be making simple/mindless games with extremely well developed 2D Physics :P


math is a must need in all aspects of making games because a computer is based on math but the concept of your tutorial was there everything that a new programmer would need for a simple touch and go game was built very well ive got nothing but compliments for u good job


woww... my head hurts lol. i'm in the 8th grade so don't be like "o you just dumb" i diden't even start algebra yet! i wanna take physics now

Very Nice Tutorial

I've never written Flash code before, but I'm an aspiring physicist and I love to see mechanics in action!

Too much to read. i read it later