Reviews for "2D Physics Tutorial"


I was looking for a wall tutorial cause i was gonna make a game like bouce but stumbled upon this and it was very helpful if i had kept going the way i was i wouldn't of gotten very far. Just 1 problem i had when i put in the code for the nodes and line it didnt work all that well i change a variable to get the placement right but it also scales along the y axis and not just x axis if u could help. I changed the variable in the line code at the end of xscale form 4 to 1 but i cant manage to get it to stop form enalrging. Great tutorial by the way.


Well it's confusing but good job!

Great tutorial bro

I think this is all really cool and i have and idea to implement this in a game i'll pm you


Simple and effective, the physics your supplying could use a bit of expansion.. Noticeably ability for the ball to roll..
But still great.

Pretty good

It's a good explanation of basic physics.

My only real criticism is the way you handled the circles radius (by adding an invisible outline to all other objects), I just found that this was a very in-elegant solution because it only works as long you only have 1 sphere (or more if they ignore each other).

Apart from that , very nice tutorial.