Reviews for "2D Physics Tutorial"


This is perfect! If only I was as smart as you :D You are now my favorites!


OMG!!!!! to much math aaaaaaaaa

The best way to find physics on ng!

I loved your tutorial and all the mathematics, as I like math and physics. It is amazing and it is pretty cool work through the formules and equations!
Attention all people who don't have so much experience with Actionscript, if you guys want to do a ramp, it doesn't require any formule or equations, simple do it:

*Don't forget to put a alpha 0% square on the ramp angle (the inclination).*

_root.ball._x -= 0.8;
_root.ball._y+= 0.8;
_root.ball._x -= 0.1;

You can drag the ball and try to put over the inclined part of the ramp and you will notice that the ball goes exactly like one falling in one.

I hope this helps someone.

Again, thanks for this awesome way to find mathematics here on Newgrounds and show us awesome explanations from physics!

Thank for everything

OMG THERE IS SO MUCH FREAKING MATH IN HERE... Thank God you just put all the codes at the end.


Wow this tutorial actual works on Flash MX 2004!