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Reviews for "Black & White"

Very Good!

Nice audio, you did incredibly well. The artwork was great too, I love monochrome Flash videos.

Two things though:
- It was a pity that the two sides (if there were sides) were hard to separate. You could give the defenders helmets or something so it is clear to the viewer who is shooting who.
- It was short; I WANT MORE!


Excellent how you chose to make highly detailed guns instead of the usual L-guns of stick flashes. Kudos on the realism.


Loved the cinematic style of it man, sick action. My computer is freaking out and deleted its onboard sound, so I don't have any sound, but I just imagined it. Sick flash dude. 5/5 10/10


Brilliant animation but it is hard to spot the difference between good guys and bad guys maybe make that more clear in any future flash's very nice though well done


That was pretty damn intense. I love the sound effects, especially since they're from some of my favorite games. This was actually so well animated that I almost forgot that it was a stick flash. You know, it's stick flash animations like this that give them some good reputation. Most stick flash animations I see, well, suck, but this one went far and beyond in bad assery. Not to mention, my favorite character is the 'winner' I guess I could say. -Spoiler Alert!- Snipers kick ass. Anyway, this was well done, well made, and just overall fun to watch. Honestly, it reminds me of something straight out of a damn good war movie, or a good match of Call of Duty 4, haha. Well then, overall, it's great. No complaints on my end. I liked it alot. I'm sure most people will like this, and if they don't, I can't see why not. Despite the fact that it's a stick animation, as previously mentioned, it almost takes you away from that.

Rating: 10/10
Score: 5/5