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Reviews for "Black & White"


that was amazing, make more and keep up the good workz

This is great!

I want more. It was way to short. That's why I gave U only 9 :P

But seriously great job. I really enjoyed it. And I can't wait for some more action :D


Oh man, you're still one of the best in the business, and this new style experimentation is great. The cinematics were nicely choreographed, the overall effect genuinely comes off as a battle. Some off the kills seemed a little flat (there wasn't enough, well, blood, black or not) and some fruitier kill animations would've been better, but I don't know what you're shooting for and this probably conflicts with the style.

Either way; lovely shit.


holy shit man! that was SICKK.


You did some great sound mixing in this, felt very smooth, when usually sound effects used in flash animations are more like placed in fixed action. but this almost had an ambience to it. I think where you could have improved is in the area of shot placement. I love the black and white style you went for, but it seems that the angles you chose, with the simplistic backgrounds and all the characters looking exactly he same made it hard to pick up on what was going on at times. Then it became more of a montage of gun firing and bullets breaking heads open, rather than a sequence of things.

I liked the more stealthy gunfight as well. these stick movies tend to just be "PAPAPOW POOM BOOM POW" stuff. honestly, i think Krinkels is the only one who has really pulled that stuff off because he cleverly ties dark humor into the action.

But this still is, none the less, pretty good for a stick gunfight. keep it up.

0blivi0us responds:

Wow man thanks,

Really appreciate your review. The sound is becoming a more and more important part of my animations.

Thanks, espescially because you dont exactly like sticks xD