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Reviews for "Black & White"

Hey! Hello again..

Well...it's really been a while. Great animation as usual but i felt it could be improved. Show some blood splatters, show more detail, the guns doesn't have to be totally black, they could be white but with black tracing lines.

I found it strange that you didn't use any filters. I mean for the intro ,you can blur the pillar that is upmost in front. Also the alarm, you can add a slight black glow to it. The fingers were weird too. THey were like stiffed up together, make them more fluid and life-like. The particles were awesome to an extend as most of the particles were like the same size.

But overall, i'm still looking forward to your hitman animation.


That was pretty damn intense. I love the sound effects, especially since they're from some of my favorite games. This was actually so well animated that I almost forgot that it was a stick flash. You know, it's stick flash animations like this that give them some good reputation. Most stick flash animations I see, well, suck, but this one went far and beyond in bad assery. Not to mention, my favorite character is the 'winner' I guess I could say. -Spoiler Alert!- Snipers kick ass. Anyway, this was well done, well made, and just overall fun to watch. Honestly, it reminds me of something straight out of a damn good war movie, or a good match of Call of Duty 4, haha. Well then, overall, it's great. No complaints on my end. I liked it alot. I'm sure most people will like this, and if they don't, I can't see why not. Despite the fact that it's a stick animation, as previously mentioned, it almost takes you away from that.

Rating: 10/10
Score: 5/5

Awesome 0blivi0us!

The angles were very well chosen, the sounds were clear, the particles were very well done. Secks to the max!

(Btw it's Andy)

Been a while

Nice animation. Wow it has been a while since I've seen something from you but it's glad to see one. Last time I saw one of your's, you were a little rusty but I see you've got you edge back. Keep up the good work.


very good :D

i like xD very nice animation and the sound goes with it well, just a little bit confuzzling who's on who's side at the end...good anyway nonetheless