Reviews for "IF Round 4: vs Cyril P1"

This is high-class material!

The animation in this and also your previous submissions here on NG are just awesome! The character design is cool and everything looks and sounds just great. The only negative point I would like to post is that the story leaves me totally clueless. If there exist more, what I think since it starts somewhere in the middle, then please submit it to NG! I want more!!

Watched the other stuff.

These are exciting, man. Yeah, exciting. Gotta love this stuff. The fights are awesome. I wish scarecrow fought back though, should be a cool battle between him and that shrike guy. Is shrike a bird? I'm not sure what he is in that cartoon but in real life t think there's a shrike bird. I really liked spoiler's design before he turned into that black generic evil thing that is also cool but not as cool as the yellow. And the way you draw fluids, man, gotta love that style. I mean i've been trying for ages to draw fluids but they turn into pudding in the end. I assumed a lot of frames would be the secret but it still wouldn't come out as i want it to be. Like the fluids you make, man those are the stuff i wanna make. Do you use scripts in them fluids? Fluids. Fluids. A cool word, no? I remember that cool song in the portal called something that goes like "A free form of female fluids" or is it "the free form"? I forgot, dude. The point is that title was so cool. This stuff is inspiring dude, im thinking if i'm gonna make something like this there would be a character called Pterosaurion. He's an angel with pterosaur wings. Maybe next time i'll do that. Well, thanks man, have a good time.

Great action

Everything was smooth though it was fast paced. voice acting left a little something to be desired at times, but not enough to lower the score.

"....you don't see me spamming Ice Lance, do you?" ROFL, great reference! Keep it up!


that was an amazing video, great wow reference by the way.


that was amazing. its nice to see quality flash showing up :)