Reviews for "IF Round 4: vs Cyril P1"

for the love of god


luv luv luv... sob...

it's so purfect!... gah!?!?! wha- where's part two?!?! i need to see black ace chop someone in half!! *cry*
if it's on some other account could someone pleeze tell me!! Black Ace is ma favourite char in the whole line of Spoiler vids!!!!!!

when will you?

When will you make a catch up comic for this flash and as far as i can see, u only made a comic version of part 2.....

here comes black ace

woot! cyril is gonna get but wipped

Love all your stuff. Better than the crap you see on TV too.

As for part 2, there is. It's a comic on his Deviant Art. EFN, though, I think he stopped at part 3. I keep hearing that he lost, and as much as I try to find out, I really dont understand the whole tournament things.

Well earned 5 stars.