Reviews for "IF Round 4: vs Cyril P1"


That kicked ass. A whole lot of ass. Now if only I could understand wtf was going on it would be supremely awesome. Maybe a little warning that you were going to pull a Star Wars and start at Ep. 4. But still damn awesome.
5/5, the 9 vote is for confusing me. My attention span is short enough without skipping around like that.


That was really good. The script was a bit corny but the animation was well crafted and it had some good action!

Pretty Damn Fine

I think this is my new favorite flash series. Why? Its great. For the first time there is a non-sprite series that can succesfully capture the true essence of an anime, with both story and outstanding animation. The only reason i'm not giving this a 10 is because it does feel a little cliche in a sense (the Wizard didn't really stand out as an origional character concept for me, except the nose) but the rest of the cliches where actually a plus for me (such as the group-of-characters-forced-to-fight-i n-staduim-like-arena) because they reminded me of such animes as Naruto and Dragon Ball Z. Plus the fact that everyone that did voice acting sounds like they're from the UK is also kinda a bonus. Great job mate!

I liked it!

Great animation, good voice acting, and an interesting plot. I'm going to watch the other movie as well. I want to see part 2 of this fight, please make it!!!


This is the first time ever l see anime-style anmation combined with normal voice acting!
Actually, it's not normal...it's the best voice acting l've ever heard in a flash movie!
The characters are very cool and the anmation is fluid and smooth...actually, l can't find any flaws in this flash, but l am saving my 10 for pt.2 or the end!