Reviews for "IF Round 4: vs Cyril P1"

Great stuff!!

I do have to say,that was brilliant work. A bit soft in the accent and the tone in the voices need to be alittle bit in character I guess you could say,but it'll get better after a few more episodes. Can't wait to see the next one!

Great with a little let-down!

The voice acting that is...it's not bad really but sometimes I got the feeling that the actors just wanted to get done with there line. I miss a bit emotion in a couple of lines. For example the fight. I kind of just happened.

While the voice acting could be a little improved in the future (just some minor changes like mentioned) the animation itself was great and the story really gets me going.

I will def. watch part 2 when it comes out!

Overall, great flash!

Great flash! but.......

.....I think you need to try to get all the voice actors on the same page. On one hand, some of the voices sound very good, and some sound like they were recording with soundrec and an $8 pc mic. You fix that problem, and you'll be WELL on your way to producing top-notch flash movies... Just my humble .02


hmm good work

good work with this episode but your talks lag alittle

Very Nice

I thought it was "Very Nice"

The only thing I can say to improve is maybe more emotion in the voices

Other than that it was sweet and can't wait for the next one