Reviews for "IF Round 4: vs Cyril P1"


Excellent video!! Keep it up!

Super cheezy anime effect alpha+

The animation, art style, action scenes and voice acting were all very anime like. Which are good, and (sorry) bad at the same time. It felt like the animation just lacked something.
Perhaps because of the huge amount of detail you put into the characters design it was hard? I dunno.
Oh yeah and if someone wanted to make a serious animation, you HAVE to polish up the voice acting.
O.k thats enough ranting from me...
Overall, pretty good job! Have a smily :)

Kinda like a T.V. show

This reminds me of Saturday morning cartoons. The ones with all this fighting and drama. Anyway, the animation was great and so were the graphics. The sound was almost perfect, except for some of the people at different times. Good job though.

just amazing

I just don't understand how you can make it look so smooth and perfect and professional. Your lines are all perfect - I must not understand flash enough but whenever I draw and it smooths itself out...the strokes are a little bent and stuff.

And how do you make those white anime lines and backgrounds and stuff? It's great - still confused, but it's great!

Good Job

The Animation was very fluent , and is by far, more impressive than 3 quarters of the stuff on this site.

Major letdown, was the plain and boring voice acting. The voices were quite muted and contained no emotion.

If you make part two have your actors practice emotion in their voices to fully emphasise the drama.

Other than that i find this very interesting and hope for the next one in the near future .