Reviews for "IF Round 4: vs Cyril P1"

holy cow!

that was awesome! when next part comes out?

Zeurel responds:

Depends when i get time to make it really, but keep yer fingers crossed!

freakin' awsome

dude i can't wait for the next one...i'm hooked!


the animation is the best I've seen in a while this chould be a kids show if you edit some of the parts

Great Series

It deserves all my credit, sure the voice acting of a few charaters wasnt that great, but still the rest for it is great. Maybe you should make a flash game of this series.

10/10 5/5

Nothing more to say.


Excellent animation, voice acting (Irish = epic. It's a law, really), combat was interesting... I'll be watching this series!

The wizard's awesome. Please don't kill him off.