Reviews for "IF Round 4: vs Cyril P1"


nice pun the "im a wizerd not a mage u dont see me spaming ice lance" lol thats from world of warcraft lol and ya its true all they do is spam ice lance during pvp

He Has Risen

I always wondered after watching the EFN toons how Black Ace got his start. Now I know. The animation was very well put together and Cyril's humor is awesome, "You don't see me prancin' about spamming Ice Lance do you?" Funniest line. Great work.

WERE IS IT??!!!!!!

Look man I love this, IF ROUND, but were the hell is the 2nd PT to this EPISODE??????!!!!!!! PLEASE tell me if u made a pt 2 even.... or I'm just embarassing my self. T_T..... -_____-



awsome fight

Very interesting

Make a part 2 already X)