Reviews for "IF Round 4: vs Cyril P1"

Really Sweet!

Great vid! The voices and character were great. The fighting is good and it has a good story! Cant wait to see who makes it to the final round!

That is .... awesome.... :o

wow that was pretty awesome I can't wait for part two geeze I read some of your reviews of course there has to be a few stupid people with comments that give you a 2 or 3.... like those people are stupid or just some lazy ass kid that doesn't do anything but give a bad rating and has no life I don't think anyone should give a bad rating unless they've had at least a submission that even half as good as yours. I bow to you

This is...AWESOME!!!

DAMN!!! Not only is the animation great, I found that the voice overs were the most unique I've heard in ages. The animation itself was a beauty in itself to see, but I have to ask, when is part two coming out? I have to see the end of the fight!

wizard is gonna lose

he has no change hes gonna die....

:3 :3

I LOVE YOU!!!!! PLZ finish part 2!!!!