Reviews for "IF Round 4: vs Cyril P1"

Very slick

Slick graphics and animation, I really liked that. Hard to see these days.
Voice acting could have a little kick up a notch, but its interesting that old Brit accents were used, sad that no Welsh were used, I think...

I'm looking forward to the next installation, give yourself more time if need be mate!

Whats phsycoWill talkin about?

The voice acting was cheesy, not bad, and cheesys good in my book!
The animation was the best part! awesome! 10!

its awesome

i must say, i never say this animation before but its really good. i like it XD

keep up the good work "thumbs up"


this is very original and has a very interesting story line. That Ominus guy kinda reminds me of Father Anderson from Hellsing

:3 Is there more?

Are there more flashes of this story then on your account? i feel like im missing a lot of a story that I'd love to see more of. ^_^ 10