Reviews for "IF Round 4: vs Cyril P1"


Phenominal level of quality, the only thing keeping this from being perfect is the audio levels for the different voices, but everything else was so amazing I couldn't possibly complain in earnest!

Just great

Fascinates me once again... could watch that twice a day.
Especially the voice acting and choice of music makes this wonderful and fantastic animationworth it's 5


Everything was excellent. The music (Especially Cell's theme), the fighitng, Art it's all good. Too good maybe. The reviewer below me is right. Not enough of the Episodes to satisfy the appetite or quench the thirst for more.

that hammer

OKAY in that episode when its jeff vs spoiler and Rip gets that upgrade is that hammer a girl cuz i think it is but i am not sure if it is plz tell me ^__^


PWEASE MAKE PT 2 NOW!!!!!!!!!!! =3