Reviews for "IF Round 4: vs Cyril P1"


This tops most... no, just about everything I've seen on newgrounds (It's on par with Xin, IMO)

hay good job

i hope to see this put into a serice or mabe a anime i dont see why not it seems to have a good story and the characters are very well developed

loved it.

i was going to ignore this one. but i was right t watch it. this was kick ass, and will eagerly wait till the next one.

holy sheep OMG

the best ever for ever and never!!!!! omggg

dude exelente grafics.. and a lot that action deamm are gooddd !!

yeeppp 10/10

Ice lance quote

"To your information, im a WIZARD, not a mage, you don't see me pranching around spammin' ice lance now do you?"

I was having the best laugh all day because of that XD OMG! i hate mages... stupid ice lance... :P

Overall AMAZING animation :3 can't wait for a animated sequel to this part :D