Reviews for "IF Round 4: vs Cyril P1"

Very slick

Slick graphics and animation, I really liked that. Hard to see these days.
Voice acting could have a little kick up a notch, but its interesting that old Brit accents were used, sad that no Welsh were used, I think...

I'm looking forward to the next installation, give yourself more time if need be mate!

love it

i love it its osome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when does the nother part comes???


this is very original and has a very interesting story line. That Ominus guy kinda reminds me of Father Anderson from Hellsing

:3 Is there more?

Are there more flashes of this story then on your account? i feel like im missing a lot of a story that I'd love to see more of. ^_^ 10

The Beginning...

They put up a link, but I think they tossed it.