Reviews for "IF Round 4: vs Cyril P1"

Fantasticly made!!!

Man This movie is wickedly awesome!!! I am kind of shocked really...
The animation was awesomely made, I guess the spells must be the hardest part to animate though... The graphics of the movie was also 100% perfect. I am really speecheless, sjeez I havn't seen such an great action flash in an month!! :D
I am really desperate to see the next one, could you please Pm me about that? Would be nice.
~-unrealdark2-~ 5/5 10/10 you deserve it. I won't be bothered if this ends up in the daily, or best of the week.


this was fantastic! looking forward to the next installment!


I mean really, that was fantastic! Not much more to say, you have real talent.