Reviews for "IF Round 4: vs Cyril P1"

Good, good...

I was a good, nice, clean animation, but I didn't much get it. It made no sense. The plot was beyond my grasp. It was just like that one Teen Titan episode where they all battle the villains and stuff, and then whoever loses that one guy gets his powers. It was like that. I don't know if you have some sort of any other animation where it gives the basis and the plot behind it all, but if you don't I guess I will have to watch the rest of the other animations, to get a sense of what is going on.
The animation was nice, but the anime style gave it a goofy feel. I didn't like that part of it. I mean, you did good with the anime style, you weren't bad at it, but I was a bad style to give to the animation. I felt like an American style animation would have done better.
The voice acting was terrific, it gave each character a special characteristic. I had a sense of who the characters were. It wasn't like Microsoft Sam, or Egoraptor, or any of those lame or goofy voice actors. You could tell that, that one guy was devious and mischievous. The warlock was kind of cheesy though, because he was almost exactly like Gandolf, the wizard from Lord of The Rings.
All in all, I loved the animation, the voice acting, and the voice acting. I didn't like some things about it, but I am real tough critic as you have noticed in my earlier opinions, that's why I gave you a 9/10 and a 4/5. I congratulate on your animation skills, I wonder how long it took you. I have never animated a single thing in my life, so I wouldn't know, but without me animating at all, if gives me a chance to look deeper into others animations. I watched this 4 times, and loved it.

That was a piece of...

...F**KING AWESOME!!!! Yes. A piece of f**king awesome. I was trying to trick you there.

+Fantastic animation. Better than many globalized tv programs in fact.

+New and original dialogue. Realistic, not cheesy. Some of the best.

+Creative characters. A good mix. Well thought out plot. Seems like you've been at this for a while.

+Great choice in music.

- Negatives? BOLLUCKS!


I am supremely impressed with your flash animations so far, I think that you should go back and make a flash that explains your story, I understand you have a comic or written story somewhere, but why not make this a series, a parallel to your comic/story. One that people can actually watch! I have no negative appraisals, in fact, I would like to commend you on your excellent voice acting (some of the best I have seen). Well written script, well thought out characters, unique abilities, impressive world, smooth animation that was well characterized and anything else I may have missed. You have potential to go far with this and I know if you made more I would definately be all in. Keep up the good work, and consider my idea! 5/5, 10/10!


I had no idea what was going on,

Loved it though, the voice of Cyril seemed kinda low-volume compared to everyone else's.... maybe its just me? The character design of Spoiler seemed really original compared to the other combatants. I only know those two people's names, but the other 6 combatants looked too similar to each other.

Like I said I have no clue about the story, but it seems epic. Keep it up guy!


cant wait for part 2 damn im anxious for it now lol man o steal reminds me of a sortof medival megaman wit a bit of some dragonball Z supersayen but none the less kick ass