Reviews for "IF Round 4: vs Cyril P1"

freakin' awsome

dude i can't wait for the next one...i'm hooked!


Congratulations on moving up the ranks dude. I was totally surprised to see this on the frontpage, but more awesome to you. This is Gee-Man by the way.

To everyone wondering what's going on, it's part of an OC tournament going down on DeviantART. That's probably why the plot doesn't make too much sense unless you've been following it.

It wasn't awful

But I didn't much care for it, the voice acting and dialogue sort of ruined it for me. Some of the characters seemed to be played by a pre-teen age group, and I just can't take that seriously when it's an adult character. The animation was alright though, and the amount of effort was obvious, so, 7.


really good but the story and characters remind me too much of M.A.R prolly just me though


That kicked ass. A whole lot of ass. Now if only I could understand wtf was going on it would be supremely awesome. Maybe a little warning that you were going to pull a Star Wars and start at Ep. 4. But still damn awesome.
5/5, the 9 vote is for confusing me. My attention span is short enough without skipping around like that.