Reviews for "IF Round 4: vs Cyril P1"

Good animation, semi good action.

I love your style and your animation, but the fighting of the characters didn't really give into their personality types. WHen i saw the cyborg dude i didn't think he'd be so aerobatic. And then when that demon thing takes control of him I thought it was over dramatic, and when that happens it got boring because people already know he's going to win. YOu could make some parts more sudden then ominous you know?

Really Sweet!

Great vid! The voices and character were great. The fighting is good and it has a good story! Cant wait to see who makes it to the final round!

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat artwork!

That was great, the fighting looked realy good and had a nice pace.
Also, the artwork was realy well done!


That was really good. The script was a bit corny but the animation was well crafted and it had some good action!

Very slick

Slick graphics and animation, I really liked that. Hard to see these days.
Voice acting could have a little kick up a notch, but its interesting that old Brit accents were used, sad that no Welsh were used, I think...

I'm looking forward to the next installation, give yourself more time if need be mate!