Reviews for "IF Round 4: vs Cyril P1"

Nice effects

I liked the story line and the intense action this flash has, i look forward to part 2, keep up the godly work. overall, it was AWESOME

@ littlesxy, could you at least give some constructive criticism for why you don't like it


i didnt like it not my kind of show

Freaking Awesome!!!

The storyline and action is very good.


Wow that was just awesome, animation was great, fighting and dialogue was kool lol. I like the Wizard, and that ending character, wow awesome! Waiting for more :D

YEEEEAH, thats mah boy!

Zeurel, this is Shiroboi from Deviantart. This is awesome. I'm so glad to see you on the front page of newgrounds. I know how hard you work on these and its well deserved.