Reviews for "IF Round 4: vs Cyril P1"

The voice acting

Was terrible. I lke your style though.

everything you could ever want...ever

I simply cannot belive that you have fitted comedy, action, a fab story, great voice acting and brilliant artwork all in one animation!

I was litterally in a state of OMG-ness throughout the entire flash, well done you have made an absolute brill piece of work!

P.S : love how pretty much every character has a british accent! ^^


at first i was about to exit outta the vid but then wow i got speechless.


if this was a t.v. show, i'd definitely watch this.


You dont see to many flashes of this calibre to often. Nice voice acting, story, animation, i dont think that theres anything wrong with it
and why do i get the feeling the wizards gonna get thouroughly owned in part 2