Reviews for "IF Round 4: vs Cyril P1"

Very Well Made

This is awsome, the characters, the voice acting, the animation, it all blends really well together 10/10. At someparts the voices volume would go down, but whatever its great alltogether. Will be looking out for part 2.

Kinda like a T.V. show

This reminds me of Saturday morning cartoons. The ones with all this fighting and drama. Anyway, the animation was great and so were the graphics. The sound was almost perfect, except for some of the people at different times. Good job though.


Excellent animation, voice acting (Irish = epic. It's a law, really), combat was interesting... I'll be watching this series!

The wizard's awesome. Please don't kill him off.

So When is the part 2 coming?

The Movie was great and the graphics is cool...

Zeurel responds:

Part 2'll be done when i can scamper up some more free time!

cheers for hte review


Action packed! And although the fluid animation was grat, my favorite bit was the lines.... you know, like speed lines. awesome.

Zeurel responds:

Speed lines, teh animators best friend.

cheers for the review