Reviews for "IF Round 4: vs Cyril P1"


I want more of this!!!!!! OMG it's so great!!!

Great flash! but.......

.....I think you need to try to get all the voice actors on the same page. On one hand, some of the voices sound very good, and some sound like they were recording with soundrec and an $8 pc mic. You fix that problem, and you'll be WELL on your way to producing top-notch flash movies... Just my humble .02


Better than some anime out there

Keep up the good work.

Pretty good.

Its not awesome yet but its still good. I liked the Ice lance joke, pretty funny. Your animation is good, but maybe too fast for mac's since I'm using one for the moment. don't slow it down though because of that sentence cause mac owners or people who find this flash a bit choppy can go upgrade their comps or go to someone elses for all I care. The dialoge can use some work there. Pauses between words and people can use some work. If you think about extra animating just lower the speed of the frames and work on the mouths if your thinking about this. I may not be an animator but as an amateur critic this is what I say, "If you can Impress us, impress us so we fall of our chairs" Work hard, play hard, rest, and don't overdose with energy drinks. When the time comes you maybe one of the best animators we know.


fucking awesome. i cant think of a single thing wrong with this one, i just wish i knew where number one was, what this is based on ect ect. i suppose ill just check that site link and hope for the best. keep up the good work, i wanna see a part two soon.