Reviews for "IF Round 4: vs Cyril P1"


WHY DID IT END noooooo excellent movements excelelnt transitions excelelnt style of fighting it wasnt slow and broing like other drawn flashes excellent man just excellent work 10 it up

kickass! Go Spoiler!

man, that was awesome! Only two episodes on IF and I'm already hooked.
You have excellent skills with the brush! the characters were well drawn-detailed and and animated. The FbF in combination with the tweening was well done and proffesional looking. The voice acting was great aswell, clear consistent voicing all-throughout, and interesting how everything is coming together with all these characters.
Overall, it was Extremely well done, and in only 4 weeks? Damn you animate quickly. ( hell I'd be happy if I can get my flashes done in 2 months tops, but I'm slow as hell when it comes to that.)

Anyway, Awesome flash Zeurel, I'm already a fan and eagerly await the next episode!


This is The best.

Best thing on this site

O_O wow

gonna watch 1,2, and 3. then im gonna watch 4 again.


i dont think i have to say anything cause i can see everyone has said it for me..