Reviews for "IF Round 4: vs Cyril P1"

wicked awesome!!!

the amazing birth of black ace..this is so cool..looking forward to seeing part 2


Black Ace is borne! Loved the combat and the humor!


very good, though if you dont know the rest of the story, you're kinda lost. Oh by the way. that music when he changes, isnt that Cell's theme song from Dragon Ball Z? any way, take your time on part 2 if you make it, if not, oh well we'll just have to actually read your comic

Ice lance quote

"To your information, im a WIZARD, not a mage, you don't see me pranching around spammin' ice lance now do you?"

I was having the best laugh all day because of that XD OMG! i hate mages... stupid ice lance... :P

Overall AMAZING animation :3 can't wait for a animated sequel to this part :D


is the other sequel be at deviantart