Reviews for "lucky hill"


What did I just saw?....so weird yet cute and the sound O_O"

hehe haruhi

Nice little play on the Haruhi dance. Nice graphics and fluid animation, lacking in overall entertainment, but nice short.

good animation

good design but what is up with the walking penis???


The art was good, but...
WTF WAS THAT SOUND?!?! MY EARS ARE BLEEDING!!! (well, they would be if I had the volume up any higher...) I have no idea what kind of sound that was, but it didn't sound like music to me. I couldn't recognize a single sound. Maybe it's just my computer, but still. Sound quality sucks. I can't blame you totally, though, so you get a 7.
Art, 9/10
Sound, 2/10

so random...

I think that is something about lucky star and pyramid head man from small ville. The sound was weird and i liked the animation but it is too short and random. Just a random flash here so i'll give it a 3 because its the closest on how i feel about it