Reviews for "lucky hill"

1st?? NO WAY :D

AMazing if it is really your first try. :]

Nice animation ...but....

The music/song/ or most likely ... 'sounds' you put it in....
Just dont make sense to me XD
*sigh* It couldn't had been perfect... :( *

Still the animation was very well done :P
Nice drawings! :3

I liked it

Its was a good well done flash but the only problem I had was I couldn't get into it because of the music I was hearing, but other then that It was really well drawn and animated.

so random...

I think that is something about lucky star and pyramid head man from small ville. The sound was weird and i liked the animation but it is too short and random. Just a random flash here so i'll give it a 3 because its the closest on how i feel about it

That first poor soul doesn't know...

Being quite the Lucky Star fan (and Silent Hill too!) I LOVED this animation. The audio, while fitting (warped "Motteke! Sailor Fuku"... who would've thought?) seemed a little bit low on the quality side. Anyhow, that was my only beef with it. Everything else looks AWESOME and I'm VERY eager to see what else you come up with in the future. Best of luck!

It was ok

it was one of the better short movies on newgrounds ya know?
you JUST slipped by, make it longer next time.

an even 5/10