Reviews for "lucky hill"


what song are you using for this?

Astrozerk responds:

It's the opening to the anime "lucky Star" I just altered it to sound creepyish

I like it!

I can't stop watching it for a while and it actually sound like Pyramid Head is kinds singing along.
At least you can do better that me.

This was great but the 2 characters were creepy.

I really liked it I did not know what it was saying but it make my family want to dance but the 2 characters like the hammer head oh whatever and that other character had a spooky head too now I'm not saying it was stupid and bad but the only characters I dislike was the 2 characters for some reason they creep me out but this was great my family wanted to dance with this flash. It was great. Oh and at the start its like they are saying I buy sausage anyway I really loved it I will give it a 5 and put this in my favorites.

That was kinda weird

And too short. I always appreciate a Silent Hill spoof, so try again but make it more...substancial.


AWESOMNESS x3 kawaii