Reviews for "lucky hill"


I couldn't help but notice Alessa or whatever her name is in the high school outfit. The nurse looks different from the silent hills I seen, I usual know them without their faces.


The art was good, but...
WTF WAS THAT SOUND?!?! MY EARS ARE BLEEDING!!! (well, they would be if I had the volume up any higher...) I have no idea what kind of sound that was, but it didn't sound like music to me. I couldn't recognize a single sound. Maybe it's just my computer, but still. Sound quality sucks. I can't blame you totally, though, so you get a 7.
Art, 9/10
Sound, 2/10


Lucky star is my fave anime but you mixed it with silent hill perfectly like Konata would say GOOD JOB!


omg two of my favorite things in one yayz but please make a longer one


I noticed that the nurse is usually a character from the Silent Hill series. Ive only seen the girl in the school clothes from the movie. Pyramid Head is in most of the Silent Hill games I think. But the character on the far right is from Homecoming if I'm correct. Didn't Homecoming come out Fall 08? If so then how did you know about the character.

Enough of my questions and onto the review. For your first animation the art is pretty good. The animation you said you think you didn't do a good job. Ive seen much worse animations than that. (Not saying its bad. XD) As other people said the music or sound or whatever the heck it was, was kinda ear-drum-shattering.

I think thats the longest review Ive made so far!