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Reviews for "BEEP BEEP"


The quality of art was pretty basic, but very stylized so it suited the animation well. I wouldn't change anything about that. The white blog changing shapes + beepy music reminded me of the old game "A Boy and his Blob", haha.
My main gripe would be the length, and the lack of purpose. It would be really hilarious/interesting to see this featureless little guy walking around or going somewhere during the music, instead of just staying in the 1 shot. Definitely a good basis for something in the future, though!!

Rutger responds:

Thanks! You definatly motivate me C:

Simply great

The animation went very well with the song, which was catchy by the way. My only advice to you would be to make it longer.

Rutger responds:

I have more, and sometimes longer movies on deviantart, so you could check that out? :D

Thanks by the way C:

Love it.

I cant really tell what it is that makes me laugh but who cares. Like it a lot.
A longer version would be cooler though.

Rutger responds:

Yes, it is a little short xD

Thanks :D


I really liked the animation style on this one, it was rhymic, very nice. The only faults I find with it though were that it was a bit short and it could've done more with it (the guy stopped at the end before the music was done, the background stopped pulsing the beat, which could've been cool to see the guy and the background go, etc). In all though, it was cool, I liked it.

Rutger responds:

You are right ^^ I'm a lazy person O_O Maybe that is a big thing to improve on C:

Not bad, needs some improvements

For one, improve the sound a bit, most of the time its ok, and it fits in the video, but the beeping can get annoying at certain points in the movie.

The animation is definitely acceptable, but there is definitely room for improvement.

Other than that, it was quite good.

Rutger responds:

Thank you! I hope I'll improve in summervacation C: