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Reviews for "BEEP BEEP"


weird.................but that was cool.................................

Rutger responds:

Thanks, I guess xD


wow this was too simple for my taste.
its like 30 sec long!

Rutger responds:

Everyone likes different stuff I guess :P

7 / 10

Smooth and aesthetically pleasing. Plot was random, but pure force of aesthetics of mixed music and your pictures do it. Movie was good enoug to make me sad it was so short. Well - nothing is forever. Ending was kind of awkward. It was unpleasingly sudden, like something breaking without warning. I think it could be fixed by musically announcing the end.

Rutger responds:

You're right, it ends a bit sudden indeed, but the song didn't really have an ending-part :P

Simple, effective. I LIKE!

This is a good flash, and people need to realise advanced graphics and sounds don't always make a great flash. I think that you should keep these up.

Rutger responds:

Thank you! People have different likes and dislikes eh :)

Pretty good

Dont ususally like flash animation music videos not really sure if this falls into that category. It was entertaining and made me laugh a little. I like this quick random style of video and im gonna watch some more of your stuff. Good song choice for randomness to.

Rutger responds:

Thank yew! :3 I like stuff that's not REALLY a music vid, but still has some similarities :)