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Reviews for "BEEP BEEP"


The beginning kinda sounded like a CD Drive having a seizure.

Rutger responds:

Lol xD

a little short...

...but put together well with the music.

P.S. if you could give me some pointers on how to sync music so well I would be thankful

Rutger responds:

I'll PM you :)

Thank you!

dude that is so different??

its neet no one else ive seen does this kinda stuff keep it up maybe next time put a lil story behind it though i didnt understand much of it kinda random!

Rutger responds:

Not everything has a story :D

that was cool

pure imagination....
and i love the unicorns.
good joB!

Rutger responds:

Thanks! The Unicorns are one of my fav bands


original as hell i gota tell you that was awesome creepy parts to it but loved it

Rutger responds:

Haha, thanks man C: