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Reviews for "BEEP BEEP"

Nice, but ..

So, where's the point? It stops in the middle of anything. I'd like to see a finished version rather than that. 2/10 because I neither found it any funny, nor cute, nor entertaining .. more like a waste of my time. Still I liked the way you animated it. Keep going ......and try to make it longer than that.

uhm.. cute

7/10 only because it was entertaining ENOUGH, and a little witty


WOW i never heard a music like that i love it... ^_^


but I don't get it :3

holy damning hell!

ZOMG WTF, im deaf that thing wus the bloodiest, loudest fucking awesomest id ever, dude now that i heard that, i feel like my ears r bleeding and im about to explode, that wus awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!