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Reviews for "BEEP BEEP"

It was alright

I like the idea of it, because if you do it right-- it can be amazing. You did everything (for the most part) right... but the problem was that it got a little slow... and it wasn't even that far into it. But, I give you props for effort. It was good in its own right.

<3 Sapphire


It was pretty cool, I liked the style and the animation to the music was pretty good...
I didn't really get the plane part, but other than that, cool.
Also like the other guys said, just a bit too short, but that's just how music intros are.

It was good, but..

It was to short, perhaps next time make it x2 longer or give it a auto loop at the least?

That was fun!

I liked it.. especially how it all came together. Fun to watch and a great one over all! And you forgot to submit it? =P


dude that was pretty catchy