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Reviews for "BEEP BEEP"

Ahh the power of good music

Yeah, the guy below me's right it did have the same melody as zombie nation in there! cheaters. Good choice of music, nay, great choice. I'm a sucker for 8bit sound, I have a feeling that the Unicorns are going to be one of my new favorite bands. The animation was nice and slick. The random and sporadic action fits the music perfectly, and the stylized white man is cute. Those abrupt endings always confuse the hell out of me "where's the end screen"
I liked it,
Consider yourself talented,


It was cool...there are some parts of the song that reminded me of Zombie Nation...all in all I liked it...but it was too short...

so cute

short but sweet, and REALLY GOOD! Your timing was amazing!


Absolutely loved it. Music is so catchy and the animation is really clever, well done!
Cant wait for another one.


To the guy that gave it a 6. I thought it was funny and original. It deserved to be up there and it deserves the praise it's getting. I would love to see more of this. Keep up the good work!