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Reviews for "Two-Hour Time Trial VI"

Despite what you said on the forums:

I quite liked it.

Two hours in not an awfully long time, plus there wasn't much advance notice.

Don't be so hard on the poor chaps :)

Keep it up mate :D

Rudy responds:

Thank yewww.


this wasnt that good to be honest, all those authers on a collab and you'd at least expect one decent clip but i'm afraid to say i didnt. Not a bad idea but you guys really haven't put the work in to this one. And can someone tell what is the deal with the overuse of this Falconpunch bullshit? It's not funny but it seems to pop up occasionally in flash's. STOP WITH THE FALCON PUNCH SHIT!!!!! IT'S NOT FUNNY!!!
there rant over. but seriously more effort required for the next one

Rudy responds:

Yeah, I wasn't quite satisfied either.


Thought the only real good one was Fat-Man.

Rudy responds:


HAha xD

Super Awesome Is Here !!! Really liked it but it was some wierd part in the movie like with the naked man soo err... No... :P

Rudy responds:

The naked man one kinda erred me.

Pretty good for two hours work

It was pretty good, would've been a lot better if more time was spent on it. Good job though.

Rudy responds:

Yeah, I think people could of done a better job honestly.