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Reviews for "Two-Hour Time Trial VI"


To be honest you need about 6 Hours to make something slightly better than crap, I'm not saying this is crap, but, not amazing. Well done for trying though! ;D

Rudy responds:

Eh, thanks.

Ooops :D

I was going to participate in this, but,
i totally forgot about it.
I think i was watching 300 while you guys were doing it...lol...
Damn Blockbuster!
Oh well, it turned out fine.
I liked all the parts equally, but,
i think 2 hours just isn't enough time
to create something worth watching.
Unless you have some REALLY talented animators.
[not to say you guys aren't talented :D]
But good job to all.
I think it could have turned out much better with more time.

Rudy responds:

Yeah, I think I may make another time trial sometime soon -- maybe it'll be more of a success.

3.5 ?

I agree with samwastaken. This is overated, its poorly animted and no storyline and done in two hours. I cant understand how pepole can enjoy this

Rudy responds:

I don't understand how there can be a storyline?


haha i liked fatman and spiderman xD but there could b a lil bit longer

Rudy responds:

ahah yeahh


How did this score 3.5, It was ok considering it was made in two hours but apart from that it was pretty rubbish, no storyline, Grpahics were bad but i did like flat mans style. Animation was pretty poor in most cases.

Rudy responds:

There wasn't suppose to have a storyline if it consists of different artists.